Art Center Wynwood - Conveniently located in the Wynwood Art District Miami, FL- U.S.
Art Center Wynwood
Our Art Center is a diverse contemporary gallery space  and educational entity that seeks to enrich the Wynwood area with dynamic exhibitions, educational events & art studio.
 With its 1600 square feet area, this Art Center in Wynwood offers an excellent affordable option for artists willing to exhibit in Florida. Art exhibitions, Art events and Art workshops are offered in this  unique artistic space in the 
"Wynwood Art District in Miami".
Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, US. It is located north of Downtown Miami and adjacent to Edgewater. Wynwood has two major sub-districts, the Wynwood art district in northern Wynwood, and the Wynwood Fashion District along West 5th Avenue. The neighborhood has seen a push towards gentrification with increased investments and developments.
In the above picture, the Mid Town development built in the
mid-2000s, brought renewed attention to the area, and previously abandoned warehouses have begun to be occupied by  artists and lounges. Art and fashion are major elements of Wynwood, specially in December where all the mayor Art Basel Satellite Fairs take place.
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Watch this video of a Gallery Opening Night at our Gallery:
Our show room area is an alternative Exhibition Space for all emerging artists. Artists with or without disability can join this amazing Art Center in Miami.  
This dynamic art gallery space/ studio features contemporary art as well as traditional fine art from American & Latin artists. Art Center Wynwood becomes a unique space for emerging artists interested in having either collective or solo exhibitions.
Art Atelier Inc. d/b/a Art Center Wynwood offers regular art exhibitions as well as art workshops for artists willing to learn new art techniques. 
Our Gallery space is located right at the entrance of Wynwood, on 36 St close to 2nd Av. Two blocks west from Midtown Mall
10 am to 1 pm Monday to Saturday
Friday 10 am to 6 pm
Open 7 to 10 pm every Second Saturday of the month 
Appointments available in different schedules up request
The art center offers regular art exhibitions as well as art workshops for students
and artists willing to learn new techniques.

This center offers adult art classes at its Wynwood location as well as in our two other locations in Miami: Palmetto Bay, and Dadeland.  We teach small groups art workshops for adults during the week. We won the Best Art Class in Miami award by Miami New times on June 2013.
Adult Painting Classes in Art Center Wynwood are
Wednesday & Friday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

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LOCATION: 149 NW 36 St. Wynwood - Florida
Please find enclosed the supplies list required for painting class at our studio. You can easily find these supplies at I.D. Art, Pearls, Michaels, or at
Jerry Artarama art stores in Miami.
Setof 4 or 5  Winsor brushes with a case to keep them
Set of water mixable oil, or acrylic paint set (red, blue, yellow, orange, white, purple).
Acrylic paint can be found in either tubes or bottles.
Liquin for water mixable oil paints (if working with water mixable oils)
One small bottle of “Turpenoid” or brush cleaner
2or 3 Stretched canvas, minimum size 12X16
One charcoal pencil and a good eraser
One photograph, sketch or basic idea of the painting
you would like to get done.
See you at class!! It will be a pleasure to assist you in this artistic learning experience. No registration fee and no commitment, simply show up!